Building Lean Muscle For Life!

This website is much more than just your average muscle and fitness ‘information’ website. The articles here, and in fact the key theme throughout the articles I write generally speaking, is one that helps you make the ‘necessary connections’ in your own personal training and health and well being, to be the best you that you can be.

Building lean muscle is about finding what works for you. Every muscle trainer is different and responds differently to various approaches and routines.

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Its about getting in tune with your body and what works best for it. Its about knowing what exercises work best and why they do. Its about knowing how long you should spend training your body. And of course its about what you put into it, and how you rest it.

I have spent 25 years weight training, building lean muscle, and looking after my body – so I have an understanding, and an awareness of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to maintaining and building lean muscle for life.

I would be what most would describe as a hard gainer. I spent so many of my earlier years over training and doing double split training routines that left me eternally sore and injury prone. So I speak from experience. I wish I would have had access to this information back then!

Since those early years I have found what works best for me to help me maintain my lean muscle for life. I can help you find yours!

This site promotes natural muscle building, keeping fit and provides the information to help you build lean muscle and the right body ‘for you’. The majority of weight trainers and those looking to maintain and build lean muscle for life do not aspire to grow massively. Building lean muscle is about building quality muscle.

Take it from me and my experience here, big, massive bodybuilders (gifted genetics aside) in an overwhelming majority of cases either take, or have taken performance enhancing drugs.

I make no judgement on that as my philosophy in life and in personal training, is each to their own. Just keep that in mind though as often these magazines put unrealistic expectations on average men and women who just want to build lean muscle and a great physique.

I don’t subscribe to ‘the’ way or ‘a’ way in muscle training – I see value in multiple approaches and multiple ways of seeing and doing things. This is what makes my website and my information valuable to you, and hopefully something that will help you on your own path in your own training. In other words this is all about you and wherever you are at in your life in your own personal training.

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I look forward to sharing these things with you and adding value to your life and training methods. Building lean muscle is easy when your focus is on a long term training approach and growing your lean muscle for life!

Train smart!

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